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Competition is on

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Trapper Zoid


Only a brief update today. The weekend seemed to speed by without that much to show for its passing.

I've decided to semi-officially launch a GameDev competition, as can be seen in the associated thread. Everything is still very much up in the air right now; I haven't fully decided on the format or what style the competition would be. I'll start locking down on the features of the comp next week, but now I'm still open for any and all suggestions.

The pencilled in date for the competition is the 3rd of June, 2007 (2nd of June for those of you in the Americas), and will run for a week. This hopefully gives me enough time to get everything organised. It also gives me the chance to finish the first prototype version of my game library so I can also join in the spirit of the comp. It's a good deadline to work towards.

Prozak has very kindly set up a Wiki for the competiton on his webspace. I've only put in some brief notes to experiment with the editing, and already someone has corrected my lousy spelling and formatting [grin]. I'll get the first draft of the rules up in a couple of days or so; I'm hoping in a fortnight to have nearly everything filled out.

I've also pencilled in a plan towards my next milestone (the Queens Birthday long weekend, which by no coincidence happens to fall on the end date of the comp). I'm annoyed with myself for missing my previous milestone by such a wide margin, although in retrospect some of the things I were aiming for were a bit far fetched. This time round I've broken everything down to weekly objectives, which looks theoretically possible. The main challenge is I'm juggling objectives in programming, art, music and business at the same time my study pressure is high. I believe it's achievable without causing burnout or adversely affecting my work but it does require an uncharacteristic amount of discipline to get everything done. It'll be good for me.

Edit: I tried to put in a javascript count down timer for the competition at the top of my journal, but it seems GameDev strips out javascript. Guess I'll have to leave my journal plug gimmick free.
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Thanks, P16! That reminds me; I'll have to think of some method of registration, even if it's just some informal way to guesstimate the number of entrants.

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