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The fmx/07 begins tomorrow morning...

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Emmanuel Deloget


... and I think I'll be pretty busy. Well, not tomorrow morning, as there is not much game development related tracks - but I will try to contact a few people, and maybe I'll take a few photos. And I'll visit a few booth. And I'll try to seduce a few girlsAnd I'll try to get loads of free stuff (they gave me a bag yesterday when I went to the press point to get my final accreditation; I suppose I should be able to use that bag to carry all the free stuff I'll find).

The most important talks (as I see it) occurs from Wednesday to Friday. Tuesday is just Not That Bog, although you might get some news posts (I will prefix them using "fmx/07:"). Of course, given that I will spend my time at the fmx, I will have hard time to catch up with the other news, so please be kind - I'll do my best, but I remember that I have only one brain and only two arms. Which is enough, as far as I'm concerned.

Monday still have some interesting stuff - in particular, there are two review talks about WoW and Second Life. Both should talk about content AND gameplay, so that sounds interesting. And then, there is the opening party (sponsored by NVidia). I guess that a lot of people will be there. And the bad thing is that I won't get drunk - because there is just too much too see on Wednesday.

I will try to blog every day or so about what I see, posting some phone numberspictures and other tidbits from the conference. Hope you'll be there to read that [smile].

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