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The project
I have done some programming. I got a mouse controable player working :D

The videos here(avi ~4mb)

I got my 8800 today Yay. I ordered a evga 8800 GTS Superclocked - and it works like a dream. me so happy.

Now i need buy some more RAM and I'll have an OK setup.
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So is Smash Bash gonna be like Super Smash Brothers? And are you thinking of using mouse control for the characters? I personally think that could be potentially badass...

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Hehe, I just relised i never said what the game was going to be like. :/

Its just going to be a breakout clone to test the 2D engine. Though its funny you should mention super smash brothers 'cause someone at college thought the same thing :?.

Sorry if I got your hopes high :D

Having said that, I would like to make a super smash bros type game at one point.

<ty for the idea btw :>

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Actually, I remember you mentioning that briefly several posts ago. Sorry for the memory lapse.

On the other hand, good luck with your breakout game. If you are interested in injecting some creativity into the game play, I would suggest looking at the casual game Fizzball to see how breakout's mechanics can be expanded to incorporate some really unique elements.

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cool beans. Ill have a look at that game tho Ill try and think up somthig my self first.

<I think that Island reminds people of super-smash brothers, im not sure why tho :>

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