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Game Idear: Alpha Flyer

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Just a little something I thought up in the shower this morning.

Name: Alpha Flyer

You are a pilot, who has recently acquired a top of the line personal space craft, the "alpha flyer". With terrorists controling most of your sector, you take it apon yourself to rid the sector of the viscous terrorists (ie. the kind that leave a trail of slime behind them). Or will you join the terrorists and overthrow the government?.


The gameplay will be somewhere between WoW and Freelancer, with the following features:
  • Quest based - Single player game will have a 'main questline' with several branches to make the story interestinmg. There would also be 'side quests' that would allow the player to more thoughroughly explore the game universe.

  • Dogfights - In multiplayer mode, a player can sign up for a dogfight, in which all participants (an even number on each side) are transported to a special arena. When all the other players are dead, you are the victor and win cool prizes

  • Group / Raid content - players can join a raid on a large enemy base and completely annihalate it, gaining lots of goodies in the process

  • Player Server - while the multiplayer games may be hosted on player systems, authorized servers may connect to a centralized player server to retrieve / update a player's ship / profile information. This will allow a player to continue their game experience across multiple instanced servers. Players will be able to build an online identity with a minimal outlay on server / MMO technology

Strengths / Why I would write this game
  • Easy graphic content - No/few moving parts makes for less difficulties in getting the animations 'just so', allowing more time to create cool looking models.

  • I like space - Space is cool

  • LMO able - such a large space should be able to handle a large number of players, allowing for a 'Large Multiplayer Online' environment.

  • Incremental development - This style of game can be developed incrementally, allowing us to see what is happening and add new features on the fly
Weaknesses / Why I would not write this game
  • Been done before - Freelancer was a fun game, and almost precicely what I am thinking

  • My networking skills are totally hackable I doubt that I would be able to write a secure client / server connection that couldn't be hacked by any script kiddy

  • Lazyness prevails - It would be far easier not to write this game
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  • It would be an amazing experience to develop and manage if it was seen all the way through.
  • Space is cool.

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