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I'm back!

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Well, I'm back, and I also finished saving in the level editor:

I actually got back yesterday, but didn't have any screenshots then.

The only thing left to do is loading levels. I'm going to create a reusable dialog which can be used for loading in the level editor and level select screens. After that, the level editor should be done.

On another subject, I need some advice regarding buying a new video card(uh oh). Now, I hardly know anything about video cards, just that I need a more recent one. I don't think what I have right now even qualifies as a video card, as it is an Intel graphics chipset. Basically, the biggest problem with it is that it does not have Hardware Transform & Lighting.

My two favorite PC games are Civilization 4 and Warhammer Dawn of War, and I want this video card so that I can play these games at their medium settings with less slow down. Currently, my PC doesn't meet the minimum requirements for these two games, but I play them anyways on low settings, so obviously they won't work very well. If I get a card with Hardware T&L than I should be set, as far as I can tell.

So I'm looking for a video card that is inexpensive but allows me to surpass the minimum requirements of those two games. I'm currently looking at this one, because it seems to have the features that I need. Is this a good recent video card? If not, what are some better alternatives?

Any help would be appreciated. I'd much like to play Civ4 with 8 teams at a reasonable speed[smile]
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I know very little about hardware myself, but I'd make sure that your computer can accept PCI graphics cards over AGP. I think most modern computers are PCI these days, but if yours has an older style motherboard like mine then it might be incompatible.

The card seems to be fine at a glance, but you might want to search up on review sites for how well it performs. The danger of getting advice from the internet though is there's an awful lot of power gamers who scoff at anything less than the latest bleeding edge cards or the ability to run everything at maximum quality at some insane resolution. I've always bought medium to low spec computers and kept them for years and have no worries gaming at low to medium quality (and never go above 1024x768), and reckon the more expensive video cards are a waste of money.

In other news I've started publishing more BlockyMan music for review in the Music forum (here's a link); I'm pretty flat out with a zillion things this month but I'm planning on finishing a track per week. Hopefully I'll get the Pirate World music polished off and the Robot World music done by the end of this coming weekend.

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Thanks for the advice, I'll need to check my computer to make sure it's compatible. My current computer is pretty recent, so there should be no worries in that area, but I'll see.

Regarding the music, I really, really like what you've done with the pirate theme. Very old school sound that really sounds great. Keep up the great work, I greatly appreciate this.

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I'd recommend spending in the region of £70-100 on it if you can afford it. I've done a lot of reading on the subject and it seems like you get the most bang for your buck at that point.

For instance:

Buy a £100 - performance = 10
Buy a £300 - performance = 20

in 2 years

Buy another £100 - performance = 23/24

So for two upgrades you end up with better performance than spanking out £300 in one shot. The price you pay is not having the great performance immediately but in all honesty the games that need that aren't going to come for a year or two anyway.

On the contrary..

Buy a £50 card - performance = 5

in 2 years

Buy another £50 card - performance = 7

My ratings are completely arbitary though but roughly indicative of what I think in terms of actually being able to play games rather than triangles per second or number of pixel pipelines etc.

Also on compatability then it'll probably go like this:
PCI if it's older than about 8 years.
AGP from 8 years ago to probably about 2 years ago.
PCI-e if it's fairly new.

But yeah it's fairly easy to check... PCI = white slot same size as all others, AGP = brown usually and quite long, PCI-e = the other one :) or check your manufacturers website.

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Well, I'm only really looking for something that will allow me to run Civ 4 and Dawn of War faster. I don't intend on buying any new PC games, aside from expansion packs for Civ4. What I need in a video card is Hardware T&L, and anything else will just be extra helpful.

According to what you said, I should have AGP compatibility, which is what the card I'm looking at is. I'll need to check it out, though.

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