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Fulltime != Funtime

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1st Day

Today marks the first day of my first co-op position, and my first fulltime day shift. *groan* I think I now understand a number of people a lot better now. [smile] Transit from A-to-B is fairly tedious, requiring a bus, train, and subway trip to get there, and then back. It's also expensive!

However, it's probably going to be a pretty fun place to work. As anticipated, as a government job, I get to start pretty much whenever I'd like, as long as I do so consistently. Everyone at the office seems really friendly, and I got free cake today -- apparently this is not a rare event. [grin]

My office felt a lot more like a computer storage area than I would have liked, but I spent a good hour or so cleaning it up so things were a little more manageable. People seem to just wander in, grab a laptop, then wander back out -- I haven't been told if there's any sort of tracking system yet. Heck, I haven't even gotten my network login yet! Today was mostly mundane work, but I'm sure it'll improve.

What this means for development..

A full day takes a lot out of you -- more than I had thought. This, in combination with my part-time gamedev job (not counting my gamedev hobby 'job', that is), has severely limited the amount of free time I have on a day-to-day basis.

I had really hoped that having a day job (and thus no take-home work) would provide me with more free time, but I really only have about 2-3 hours a day of 'free time', which is nowhere near enough to develop/maintain an online game on.

Of course I feel particularly bad about freezing things right after making those last two enthusiastic entries, but it's extremely apparent to me that I literally cannot maintain a project at the high level of Project Skirmish with less than 13 hours a week. So, Project Skirmish is -- with great regret -- being put on the backburner once again. I'm plotting a smaller project with Dean (my trusty artist/composer) that I think is much more viable given both of our truncated schedules.

Plugs ahoy!

Kudos to Programmer16 and his continued progress, as well as EasilyConfused for getting Udo underway again!
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Sucks to hear that you're freezing Skirmish, but I can understand why. Such is life I guess =/. Good luck on your smaller project though!

Thanks for the plug, I really appreciate it! I just hope I can keep the progress up lol.

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As your work schedule normalizes in the next month, it will become much easier to plot out game work in your free time.

Also, welcome to public transit. It sucks ass. If you live in a place that makes it easy to store and use a motor vehicle, you should acquire one regardless of cost.

I'll get back to work soon-like. I finished Crackdown in like 22 hours straight. Yikes.

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I think it is just typical first day/week new job melt down =) I bet that in less than three weeks you are already consistently doing hobby dev again, and alas Project Skirmish will be resurrected.

When I first started at the lab (not programming related but a technically challenging position none the less) I was really overwhelmed for the first week or two. I really didn't think I could do it and still maintain the ability to come home and code at night. But eventually, you will adjust to the schedule and end up with a wealth of free time.

And of course, that means hobby dev will be alive and well =) In fact, a few weeks after I started my full time job, my hobby productivity actually went through the roof. Hope the same happens to you =)

As for mass transit... hmmm... where I live there isn't much of such a thing. It reportedly *exists* but its usefulness is quite mysterious =)

Good luck with day 2 and the rest of week one =D

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Urk, welcome to my world. [depressed]

There's one good thing about a day job though; if it's not the most exciting thing in the world, it actually increases your motivation to do some deving of your own. Of course, the flip-side is that it reduces your free time and energy needed to do so (actually, sounds like a bit of curse to me!).

Like was said above, hopefully it's just new-job-meltdown and you'll soon be settled in enough to get down to some "real" work! [wink]

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I hope you're all right. I tend to be much more motivated to work on gamedev when I'm also working at a real job (although my last was only part-time), so I'm looking very forward to when I'm adjusted to the full-time life.

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