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Barricade has apparently been put on hold because of the design doc not being completed. SO... I'm going to start working on resurrecting a former project this week, all done by me. That means shitty graphics and music, and hopefully some stellar game play. I think I'm going to broaden the scope of the project though. It's been a while since I've actually done any game design as I've spent the last six months or more working solely on the engine. Except this last week, as all I did was play games in my free time. I finally broke down and bought a copy of Half Life 2 and am probably about half way through it. I bought a bundle that included episode 1 as well, so I should at least have a couple weeks of game play a head.

Anyways, I'm getting a bit side tracked. I also managed to acquire some new hardware and will be working to build my third server. Hopefully this one won't die. It shouldn't though as all the parts are basically brand new, as opposed to the previous ones that were simply salvaged from deserted pcs that people were giving up on. I want to use it to host some game servers and really start concentrating on some networking aspects in general as that is some of the next functionality I really want to add into the game engine. But, I want to get at least a completed game framework so that I can start building content in the coming months.

What will happen with Barricade?? I don't know. As time goes on I'm beginning to think it may not even see fruitation as the designer keeps missing his own deadlines. For like two months now. I'm only staying available to help out with it for another month. After that, I'm pretty much going to be convinced that the designer isn't really serious about following through with it. He says he is and I've known him for about five years, but unfortunately this seems to be a pattern that has happened more then not. I'm personally tired of being static in all aspects of my life, especially game development, so if that means ending a partnership, before it even really had an opportunity to be successful, so be it. Talking about shit isn't much of a partnership anyways. I really want to make games damnit and it's hard enough to find time to really work on things, let a lone spend time waiting for promises of things over and over again, only to end up with nothing. I would really like to see the game made reality though as I think it could do really great. The content for the game is almost completed in it's entirety as far as music and graphics, and it'd be a shame for the project to fall apart simply because the game logic isn't fleshed out.

It really sucks too because he's never really designed a game before, but he won't let anyone see what he's writing and he won't allow anyone else to have any input into the design. Which would be fine with me, but it's taking him forever. Also, he won't heed advice from others. For example, he insists that the game only use either the keyboard, or a gamepad for input. NO MOUSE! I've had this discussion with him a hundred times, that not everyone has gamepads, or wants to use them all the time. There's a lot more to the arguments as far as advantages and disadvantages of players playing online against each other and also shunning away more casual gammers, but he is hell bent on not using a mouse. He doesn't even want to have the option for mouse input at all. This is something that bugged me, but I was willing to say, well, it's your game. But now I've been waiting, for a while, with little incentive to stay on, and I'm about ready to move on. This year has been really productive on my end, but now I'm sitting around with a thumb up my ass and have been putting off starting on a new project because I wanted to be dedicated to one project at a time and starting it and finishing it. Well if this one isn't going to start...

Ok, well that was a long rant. Stay tuned for the resurrection.

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No...No, robot action? Dammit, I wanted to see that robot kill things!

So you are going to resurrect an old project, eh? Would you perhaps like to pick up another established project, with lots of nice art and sound, and a lot left to design as the lead dev? If it interests you at all, drop me an email: shadowcomplex[at]yahoo[dot]com

Otherwise, I can't wait to see what you have cooking =)

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Yeah, I'd ditch him. You can't expect to get better at something without a little criticism to keep you going. And no mouse input at all? Ridiculous.

Yeah as much of a slacker as Sir Sapo my friend, the programmer, is, at least he's competent and works hard occasionally...

-Mark the Artist

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Thanks for the positive feedback guys. I still haven't seen anything from him yet, so I'm going a head and moving on with that project. I'll probably still do the game with him if he wants to wait for me to get to a finishing point with my project, simply because he's a pretty good friend, but I'm tired of waiting. Oh, speaking of which, sorry for the wait on reply time for this journal post, it's been a real busy week at work.

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