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Work Doned.

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Prinz Eugn


Ok, first of all, let me just say that almost all the images are broken on my journal(and probably Sir Sapo's) because our domain expired. It should be back in a week or two(a friend of our's handles the site stuff). I can use GDnet+ webspace, but I don't like to, as it's rather small. Also, my DeviantArt Account is still there if you want to go look at stuff.


This is for an over-water mission wherein you must intercept some high-speed ekranoplans escaping from the Balkans to the Crimea over the Black Sea. Ekranoplans are low-altitude airplanes that utilize wing-in-ground effect to generate more lift than normal aircraft. They were first made in the Soviet Union, but for their handiness, they weren't very prolific, and just an interesting aviation sidenote. Wikipedia Article

So, being neat looking and characteristically Soviet-esque, they are going to be in the game. Behold:

The stuff below is the animation for the turboprops, another Russian trait.


Ok, this is a big AWACS for the game, particularly the huge air offensive you're going to be part of.

It's based off my old C-25 sprite, which I think we're going to have to rename, there being a real-life C-25 that's totally different. I guess it doesn't count as retconning if the game's not out yet, right? [grin]

This bad boy's going to be at the center of a huge formation, complete with ABL's and tons of allied fighters fighting waves of enemies, with you stuck in the middle.


This is the tanker for the Soviet ace pilot, Meyran's, airplane. You get to shoot it down to force him into a dogfight for an epic-ly cool boss fight.

F'real Icons(dot-I-C-O)

I've been working a little on making Icons for the game, and it's coming along pretty well. I found a really good online converter. All you have to do is upload the image and Boom, it's done. The hard part is designing something that doesn't suck.

I've whipped up several versions, here they are with different backgrounds:

Does anybody have a preference?
I'd also like some ideas for any new icons as well. I've been going with the 22-and-airplane motiff, but I'm open for more ideas.

I think it'd also be real neat-o to be able to pick your icon upon install, but I have no idea if that's feasible, considering I've never actually seen it before.

Ok, I better go to bed and stuff, I should put another entry this week with some classic montage-action!

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Personally I like 'e' with the black background. Nice job on all of them though!

Actually, when I first thought of icons for A22, I immediately thought of the Lenin's face statue.

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You could put a couple of jets flying diagonally at just the right angle and turn the 22 into a pair of hammer and sickles - reminds me of a logo I was going to go for for my cancelled 4E5 game, which made a communist hammer and sickle out of a squirrel.

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Damn, the GDnet+ webspace has been sucking lately...

Ok, I got them uploaded, but I wasn't able to spend too much time on the, so sorry Trapperzoid, no fancy text/ airplane stuff.

I like H's contrast, but I think I can brighten up Vladimir's complexion to make him more... robust as an icon.

Thanks for the feedback!

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They're all looking really nice. I think any of them would work as an icon.

Although for some bizarre reason I think Vlad would look better wearing sunglasses...

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