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I'm on your deckz...

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... sleeping off the booze....

I wish.
After a heavy night out I appear to have left come critial parts of my brain somewhere between home and town.... intresting night when all was said and done, although there is probably something daft about getting that drunk when you are limited in the amount of time you have to work on a project, heh

Not a great deal to report on, I finally took the time to write the shaders for the two CPU based implimentations; they pretty much look teh same, the only difference is the pre-projection move in the CPU/GPU version to account for the TLM being applied.

I've also checked the code over a bit and found a couple of silly maths errors (skipping rows when I should have been moving 1 cell and the reverse for example) which got corrected.

What I still need to do is adjust the GPU only one to use my 'mesh' class for it's source of vertex and index data; however that should be a short enough job.

At this point the code all compiles, which in my view is half the battle, at some point I need to test it to make sure it works as it should (oh god...) and then benchmark the fsck out of it to get some data to write about.

That won't be done today.
Today, once I sit though a lesson on critical evaluation which if it wasn't so critical I'd skip, will be spent mostly laying in various locations complaining about the demon which is vodka running around in my head and banging on neurons...

It was fun however [grin]
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After a heavy night out I appear to have left come critial parts of my brain somewhere between home and town....
Once upon a time I was so violently ill I thought the exact same thing had happened...

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