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With the main bit of content out of the way for our D3D10 book project we're now on to the technical proof reading. For obvious reasons it'd be nice if the work we published was accurate... [grin]

I'll refrain from making any promises or guarantees, but I'll probably be looking for one or two interested people to proof-read my section. Feel free to drop me a message or leave me a comment if you think you'd be interested.

Provisionally that person (or persons) would have to know at least a bit about the topic - be it Direct3D 10 or lighting models. No need to be an expert (you'd find too many holes then [lol]), but equally "n00b's" need not apply (sorry, I don't like to discriminate!).

In other news, I'm booking off the forthcoming 3-day weekend to catch up on a much-neede D3D10 fix. I've been planning '3D Pipes in D3D10' for too long now [headshake]
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Thanks for the offers [smile]

I'm still not 100% sure how this will work out, but I'll get in touch if/as/when needed!


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In response to your previous journal entry (not sure if you read past journal entries' comments or not).


(latest beta)

New drivers released today. :)

Hopefully that will help with some of your Vista issues! It's upsetting to see developers getting bogged down on such silly issues :( Can't wait for Nvidia to start making reliable drivers for Vista, because we need them.

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