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Anyone wanna trade?

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I need a Joost invite. I got a nice little computer hooked up to the downstairs teevee, and I figure it's a perfect setup for Joost. I've heard very mixed stuff about it, but I figure it's worth a look.

I dunno if any of these still require invites, but I can probably trade you for an invite to Wallop, Gmail, or Kongregate.

Or I suppose I can trade for a free Bulldozer, although the other stuff is probably cooler.

Anyway, email me at john@thecodezone.com if you got one.

Edit: Got one. You guys rock.
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Does Joost work on the Mac? If so, please produce invitations (ravuya at gmail doot com). [grin]

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I'd be interested in a Joost invite to if it's not too much trouble.

1kevgriff at gmail dot com

Appreciate it!

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I'm not going to hijack John's blog (sorry [grin]), so if anyone else wants one drop me a PM. Thanks.

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Let us know your thoughts, I wasn't too impressed by this look at it. Tho I have a tuner card too so it's not that big a deal for me except for any exclusive content they manage to snag

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