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Here are some screenshots, using the default skin that comes with CEGUI, a skybox and ogre head that come with Ogre, and a ship mesh that I made in Blender.

An image from blender of my ship, including various small parts that I didn't bother to load in my program. The far right is the actual model. The middle is the collision objects, and the third is the physics objects. These last two are unused currently, but perhaps will get used in the next iteration.

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Welcome to the journals, Agony.

Screenshots are looking nifty. I'm looking forward to seeing how all this progresses and comes together.

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Welcome to Journal Land!

Yeah, I'm also looking forward to seeing this game's progress.

One thing: what kind of background is that on the screenshots? That ain't no starfield...

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Thanks for the encouragement guys. That's probably exactly what I need to feel justified to change my journal's description to "Works In (not so) Stagnant Progress". [smile]

The non-starfield skybox? I dunno. Just used a cubemap that already came with Ogre. It is funky looking, though, now that you mention it. I'm sure there's some pseudo-scientific explanation for it that would feel at home in a scifi-themed game. [grin]

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