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The after tastes of kiwis

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Life Update: Currently I am heading into this semester end of term exams and revision as well as a evaluation write up for HCI (human computing Interaction).
But not without completing a game in between breaks. Castlevania portrait of ruins was GREAT and difficult even on normal. I've never played a Castlevania game so this game has now ensure i test all others to come.

Quiet a refreshing thought when you discover why people don't finish games. When I couldn't afford to buy my own games and live under the stipend of my parents I ensured I completed every game I own and more than once on all the difficulties i could beat. Now that i buy my own games that whole Need to complete games is over. I hate those review sites now days and yet there is not medium for you to test a game before you buy it pc,ps3,x360 has demos, sure but I don't own the later 2 and any demo that is on the pc rarely seems to be a game i am anticipating/want, The last was Company of heroes and I only just purchased that last month.

On Monday my course got a talk from rare about studio live and graphics, the game kameo just seems so much sweeter know the techy stuff behind it. Odd since I don't even own a 360, although was thinking about it solely based on the whole xna aspects and the very few uber titles that wont grace the pc.

I will no doubt be posting my 3rd year project on my journal, but I also need to do side pieces from CV purposes.

My finale year project I am going to focus on game play and building a game engine/mechanics of a game as well as story and general game design. My lectures want us to do one specific topic in an area we would must likely like to do in industry. Thus I am focusing on game play as I want to do that stuff and not AI or Graphics.

So I am going to do a game and build a render with opengl 2.0+. I also had the whole "It be cool to do it on 64bit" but i don't know where to start on that. Thus is the whole premise of the 3rd year project "self-learning".

I have plan to API alot of stuff as it wont be a focus on my prodject, well not alot of stuff but physics and is there a AI api? I was going to do sound myself but depending on timing may or maynot be an API.

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