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guilty as charged

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does anyone here visit the Microsoft game programming forums? I think I recognize a few names...

I used to spend a bit of time over there before I got GDNET+. It's a nice community, although it usually was a lot more helpful on straight programming questions then gamedev questions.

So I must admit (at the risk of taking a serious hit to my web-fu ) I am in the process of reposting my gamedev post about my firing code problem on the microsoft board. I kinda feel like I'm being lazy with this one, as I haven't done as much digging around through forums for an answer as I usually do. I guess I kind of have a mental block about it, because my code makes sense to me, and I can't figure out why its getting such funky results.

Well if this doesn't work, I'll throw the next free day that I have at it. I haven't yet met a problem that can't be solved with a day or two of exaustive google searches.

sorry no pictures today :(
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