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Pirate Theme

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Trapper Zoid has composed a great Pirate level theme for Blocky Man. The music personally reminds me of Sonic 2 on the Genesis, which obviously I like alot. Of course, I have the ability to put the music in the game and have it playing with the gameplay[grin]

One thing that I've been working on is making sure enemies from different levels are compatible with each other. I programmed the enemies only taking into account the other enemies of that level. So, for instance, the UFROs wouldn't kill the Blorps while spinning on the ground. These sorts of things need to be fixed in order for custom levels to work properly.

And ofcourse, I need to get level loading working. Actually, level's can currently be loaded into the editor just fine, but there needs to be a list of saved levels generated so the user can pick which one to load. Well, that's up next.
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It's nice that you like it. I've still got to implement some of Rain 7's suggestions and get to writing the Robot World track this week, which I'll hopefully get to soon.

For implementation FMOD should work with these kinds of files. I'm not sure about SDL_Mixer as I haven't got around to trying it out yet.

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To be honest, I was always pleased with games where to baddies can kill each-other (especially if accidently). It adds an element of humor and possibly even strategy into the gameplay. It sorta added a "look they're falling over each-other to get at me" kinda madness to the action. Doom was one game where this was put to good effect.

Of course, I imagine it depends on the style of game. You probably don't want that in a platformer.

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I've used both FMOD and SDL_mixer, and I like FMOD alot more. It's alot faster, albiet a little harder to program with. Also, FMOD seems to support Impulse Tracker.

I didn't think of that, but I do like in Doom when the enemies fight each other. Perhaps I could have the Robots and Pirates and Round World people fight each other when they see each other. It's worth a try.

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Oooh good work Trapper Zoid, really looking forward to seeing Stompy putting the music in.

I agree on the enemies fighting each other thing too :) It'd be neat to see a level, like you suggested, with a mini-war going on and you platformming your way through it.

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This weekend I'll try to implement some conflict between the enemies. My first idea is to have the Robot Guards attack Pirates and Round Soldiers. I don't know if the enemies will kill each other, but I might implement funny little scenes like a Round Guard chasing down a Pirate.

In fact, it gives me alot of ideas that might be interesting to add in the game. For instance, if a Round Soldier is near a Pirate tank, and spots Blocky Man, he could "confiscate" the Pirate tank and use it to chase down Blocky Man.

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