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Sorry sorry and sorry!

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I am terribly sorry for the complete lack of updates on this journal. Its something I hope I will not have to do again soon. Firefly is now finally from the Design to coding, not much coding itself is done. But we have opted to go for the multithreading approach as an experiment the design we drew up is this:

BAsically we only will have a few threads running, an important reason we did that is to avoid deadlocking, we also wanted to use OOP to make the threads sow e can easily expand the code and also make sure we got one single point where we can check the threads for consistency and other boogey things.

We currently want these threads:

3D thread (rendering etc etc)
Audio thread
Input Thread

so around 4 threads for now... We did not want to make a seperate thread for each class as itw ould make it a nightmare and really prone to deadlocking. One of the goals is to have aroudn 700 fighters and capital ships fighting itout.

A fundamental reason I want this is because i personally hate the idea of only have "wings" jump in consecutive sets, when navies nowadays fight each other everything gets deployed and utilized. It is a design nightmare, but i know the hardware is there. It just means we need to optimize and use multithreading for example.

I already coined what I want to happen in the first level of the firefly game itself, but im not entirely sure on the lore yet for now all we are doing is writing code and preparing the engine to be used for the game itself :)

Hopefully the updates will be more consistent now!

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