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Name Change...

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Long story short, the name of the game has to be changed. No longer Gang War: The Urban Gang Simulator.

I've surfaced this issue previously, and got some really good input...especially from Salsa ( heart for yuo <3 ) who suggested calling the game "Urban Empires". I'll spare you the working list of possible names because there is one in particular that I'm interested in hearing opinions on.


What do you think?

Personally I think from a marketing perspective it could work out, and would do quite well...but for some reason I have trouble shaking the association with Ali G, and baggy flamboyent jump suits. It makes the game somewhat of a joke in my mind. Though with proper marketing that can be overcome.

My second issue with the name is that it just doesn't sound right in practice.

Ex.) Do you play the new Respect game?
Have you seen that Respect game?
See you online in Respect later tonight.

It needs some kind of sub-title or something...

Then there are my "mental" issues with changing the name of the game. If I'm not 100% happy with the name of the game I can't bring myself to put in the kind of hours / time necessary. Obviously to get the game to this stage has taken a rediculous amount of work on my part & it would be a nightmare for me to not be satisfied with the final product, in every regard.

Hmmm....any thoughts on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Any alternate names, any possible arrangment of subtitles, etc.

Actually here is my working list from the last name-change post [in October 2006] just for reference... [ https://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/mod/journal/journal.asp?jn=323649&reply_id=2801502&PageSize=15&WhichPage=1 ]


Let's start out with the names that I can't use -
Grand Theft Auto
25 to life
Crime Life: Gang Wars
Saints Row
True Crime

Alright...now my current name -
Gang War: The Urban Gang Simulator

Some Potential names (in no particular order) -
Mob Rule: The Gangster Simulation
Crime Empire: The Gang Simulator
Mob City: The Gangster Underworld
Underworld : The Gangster Simulation
Blood Respect: The Gang Simulation
Crime Overlord
Hood War: The Gang Simulator
Thug Life: RIP Tupac...Respect ;-)
Gang World
Crime World
Crime City
Gang City: The Urban Gang Simulator
Gang Empire
Felony Wars: The path to perdition ;-)

Any my already incomplete 'word bank' which I will be adding to -
Black Hand
Cosa Nostra
The Mob

- Danny
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Recommended Comments

Respect is already the name of some musical I saw ads for on the Detroit channel.

What about Modern-Day Entrepreneurial Simulator? Parents will buy it for their kids thinking the rating is a mistake. It'll be like Lemonade Stand for a whole new generation.

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Well I think for the name of a game, Respect is clear...not sure about musicals ;-)

Modern-Day Entrepreneurial Simulator lol...nice...though there is no gangster edge, and apparently my Urban Gang Simulator sub-title isn't marketable enough.

I do like "Respect: The Urban Gang Simulator" I could live with that...

Hmmm I need to decide soon, that's the other issue...like in the next few days...


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Some more ideas for you:

My top choice...
Urban Conflict: Gang Wars

Or if you want to keep "Respect"
Respect: Urban Conflict
Respect: Gang Wars

Picking a name is always a tough process, especially with all the trademarks around these days.


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Too bad Syndicate is already taken too. =(

I'm just not feelin' "Respect". I've always liked the "Urban Empires" idea...

"You playin' Urban Empires later tonight?" It works. ;-) The only other name on the list that I like is "Mob Rule". It just makes me think of absolute mayhem and chaos.

Perhaps you should try a different direction. Until now, the titles all have something to do with gangs, mafia, crime, etc. Maybe something ironic or sarcastic might give it more oomph. I had an idea a while back for a game based on corrupt politics and was thinking about a sarcastic, quasi-patriotic name taken from The Declaration of Independence, Star Spangled Banner or something of that nature. Some ideas were "Amber Waves", "Dawn's Early Light", "Crown Thy Good", you get the picture. Not that these really fit your game, but I'm just using this as an example to help spark some inspiration.

Some more ideas...

Black Market
Malicious Intent
Something with "Justice" like... "Urban Justice"
Just Say No (Hehehe, ehhh, meh)

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ukdm - Thanks for the suggestions. Yea I don't think I could have picked a more saturated market to make a game for...besides WW2 :-/

coderx75 - Excellent suggestion! You make a very good point, my publisher and I are having a good ol' time trying to figure a good name. They are feeling the Respect name, but it doesn't work for me personally. You have given me a lot of new ideas, honestly I didn't even consider using a totally abstract name as you suggest. This will help pump some fresh blood into the conversation, and I thank you a lot :-D

Soemthing like 'Black Hand' or 'Blood Streets'...errr there are lots of directions to go in. It will take some thought.

"Just Say No" :-D That's on the list with "Modern-Day Entrepreneurial Simulator" and "Felony Wars: The path to perdition" [grin]

Thanks for the suggestions guys...this is a whole "extra layer" thrown on top of my usual work load...*goes crazy*

[edit] Actually 'Black Hand' is in my original word bank...it's so hard to find fresh ideas :-/

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Ohh yea btw. Urban Justice is good if I was making a police game where you control the good guys. It is an awesome name, though I think it's counter to the gangster theme. I'll def. add it to the list though.

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What about Sinister Streets eh? eh?

Sinister Empires, or Sin City...[grin] I guess that ones taken.

What if I call it Dan Green Presents: A Thuggery Simulator of Unprecidented Proportions bleh too long. ;-)

Crime World
Crime World Online


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'Dark Streets'

Make the case black with a few bullet holes on the front cover. I'm sure they'll get it, and they'll feel 'gangster' buying it too.

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Im really not liking "respect" sorry, because i was waiting for this game to come out and i dont think i will be able to talk my friends into buying a game called "Respect" it just doesnt sound right. I always liked Gang wars.. here is some suggestions i thought of......NOW
Black Market Gangsters
Underground Profit :)
Elite Mob
Elite Gangsters
GangStation hahahah i just looked at my ps2 and thought of that
GangSim- its your gang

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Streets of Sin City

It's parody and allusion all jumbled together!

Alternatively, here are some other combinations that stood out at me:

Urban Respect
Street Runner
Street Life: Weakness is Death
Gangs of New Urbanville

Also, tagline: "Some are born with power, some achieve power, and some have power thrust upon them."

or "Respect must be made, not earned."

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Dave - I like the suggestion, I need to find a "sexier" word for Dark...hmmmm Thesaurus.com fails me.

Swattkidd - Yea :-/ Respect was suggested by my publisher, I have to come up with something better in the next few days, or go with it...I just can't see Respect working out in practice. Some good suggestions also...thanks.

mrlachatte -
Streets of Sin City

It's parody and allusion all jumbled together!

I see what you did there [grin] very nice :-D I really think Urban Respect would be better than just Respect. "Respect must be made, not earned" Nice tag-line...what movie is that from?!? Sounds good.

Overall good suggestions guys, I might have to go totally abstract, it's gonna be hard to come up with something good though

Btw. ratings++ for you all. I've got another meeting w/my publisher tommorow in the morning, I really hope I can find a name that I'm happy with :-/

Thanks again.

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You know what...I'm probably just going to push Urban Empires.

Salsa was on to something when he suggested it, and he even made this kick ass logo.

I can see this as the future of Gang War...I guess this is what I'm going to push since it seems much better than any alternatives right now.

- Danny

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Yeah, Thesaurus.com failed me on multiple levels while I was doing that little brainstorming.

I like Urban Empires. Though, I can completely understand where you are coming from with not feeling your name. Pitch it your publisher, refuse "Respect," and concentrate on creating a kick ass game. In the end, that's what it really comes down to.

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Yeah, Thesaurus.com failed me on multiple levels while I was doing that little brainstorming.

I like Urban Empires. Though, I can completely understand where you are coming from with not feeling your name. Pitch it your publisher, refuse "Respect," and concentrate on creating a kick ass game. In the end, that's what it really comes down to.

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You can have multiple pages of comments? Daamn...

I don't like Respect much, but Urban Empires sounds good.

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How about Blood Empires? Blood Empires: Gang War

That would point away from Ali G, still has some majesty in it (unlike lowly places like 'da hood' - the game is about taking over real cities and not some ghettos, right?), and might sound sexier to the publisher than Urban Empires.

Considering some of your previous screenshots, there's plenty of blood too.

EDIT: "The Urban Gang Simulator" wouldn't be bad with the name either. That'd be more descriptive than just Gang War.

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Thanks for the comments guys, I reallly need outside opinions.

Dave - Yeaaa that's what it's all about :-)

soconne - Hmmm as Cth said the game is really about taking over real cities, not just "hoods". I mean don't get me wrong da hoods are part of cities, but I don't want to center the game's name around that idea.

Prinz Eugn...I guess I'm gonna run with UE.

Cth - Blood Empires...I like that. If Urban Empires fails I've got a list of alternates, and I've added that to the list.

Back in Oct.'06 I wanted to change the games name, so this seems like a perfect opportunity to do so. And I pitched it to them, though they wanted to stick with Gang War @ the time.

I hope Urban Empires will work for them tis time around :-/

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I really like Urban Empire - but I can't resist giving you a few other names

Urban War
Death in the City

And I must attend some other lectures right now :)

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Heh thanks :-)

It looks like we've decided on Urban Empire(s) ?? I like it with a S at the end.

But yea, there should be some press releases, etc. I'll post them in my dev journal lata' on. 8-)

Thanks for the input guys.

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