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Witty Excuse For No Posts

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I have none (see above)

Had heaps of stuff going on IRL is about all I got. That may be excuse for no coding progress (or at least I'm using it as one), but its not an excuse for not posting. Its not that I haven't been doing anything Re: gamedev stuff. I've been learning lots more about the XNA framework (which I probably should have done more of before circumventing the Content Pipeline in favour of my own method!) and reading a book I bought on C# & .Net.

Like someone else said; I may be showing this turtle icon for some time. My main problem regarding getting some actual development done has been everything else in my life. There's been a slight lack of motivation, but that's mainly been due to the slivers of free time that I've had available for development. When I code, I like to have decent-sized blocks of time to do it in. I don't work well if I have it broken up into smaller chunks as it breaks my train of "doing".

Anyway, no promises of screenies or progress. I'll just have to see what I can get done.

[edit] P.S. Thanks for the 5k hits! [grin]
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I've nearly started my journal several times, but know there would be long periods of time where I just don't have time to learn, create and then post. My latest tactic is to treat development like another job and I have to be there between Xpm and Ypm Z nights a week. I'll see how that goes, maybe you could try something similar?


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I know the feeling. Without a decent hunk of time cordoned out that one knows s/he can safely code in without distraction, it's hard to just sit down and focus. However, these times are great for grunt-work-calibre coding, since they don't require much focus or thought. [smile]

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Hey ukdm, that's a good idea, actually. My week is usually fairly regular in terms of what nights a week I have free. I should probably look at formalizing times that are "Dev Time" so that I can organize my work around them, and decide what I want to get done in that time.

I imagine that partitioning some tasks as "grunt work" (ie work that doesn't require "one long block of rock concentration") so I can do some when I have spare pockets of time. An example of this might be fiddling around with visual styles, tweaking constants or designing assets.

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