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I'm working on spawning tables; just like in AD&D you'll roll some dice to figure out what kind of ships will be present in the system you've just jumped into.

This is surprisingly hard -- I want to have some 'unique' ships which you'll only see very rarely, and for the rest of them a generic probability 'slope'. There's probably some kind of economic and political constraints on which ships show up where, but I'm ignoring those for now, and probably for the rest of the project's lifetime. Yes, we're in feature cull mode here. [crying]

I've changed the HUD around a teensy bit; I found a new font I liked more than my current HUD font.

Expect more as I get settled into my new job and stop playing Crackdown so goddamned much. That game is addictive in a way that I cannot quantify.
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a spawn table eh?

I thought about doing that for awhile before settling with the idea of having a sh*t-ton of ships, keeping track of them all, and giving them missions(or schedules). Of course I'm not to familiar with your game, so the additional processing involved in doing all this might not really work for you.

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Seems like a pain to serialize and deserialize, though I can certainly see where you're coming from.

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