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fmx/07 - the insider, day four, part 1

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Emmanuel Deloget


Hello pals! (and others)

This is the fourth and last day of the fmx - not a bad thing considering that I'm more tired than if I had to run 30km per hour during 12h. But that mean that I will see less frenchies (because there are a lot of French people out there), and less beautiful girls (because there are a lot of beautiful girls out there).

After the speaker's dinner of yesterday (to which I don't attend, for obvious reason), they organized the Realtime Party in the Colibri Nighclub. That was a pretty fun party, although I still don't see any obvious link between realtime and the party itself. Even beers effects are delayed a while.

Not wanting to get drunk twice in the week, I was quite sober during the party, hoping to go to bed early in order to wake up, ready to face the last day. I went to bed at 3 am. I got a phone call from my boss at 7 am. I was working at 7.30 am. I stopped working at 2.30 pm. I was at the fmx at 3 pm.

I LOST HALF A F DAY debugging software, while I should have attended the talk of Henry Labounta about believable characters. I'm quite upset by the situation, especially because this last day is quite slow (from a game development perspective), as there are not a large number of talks. So I used my time to wander in the expo, speaking to people I met, presenting GameDev.Net to people that did not know about it, and so on. That was pretty... slow. I also tried to get more info about XNA Game Studio Pro, which is supposed to air this fall (but noone really knows about that).

Fortunately, there are two good talks in a row right now, then the EA closing party. Although I worked this morning, I feel like my day is beginning now. Better late than never [smile]
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I've enjoyed reading about your fmx exploits. Very cool that you met Perlin. I'm green with envy [smile]

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