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11th hour...

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So, with the hand in date pending I figured it was time to bring the application together so that I could get some results to talk about... what with it kinda being the whole point of the project and all that [grin]

It was while going through the code, abstracting certain bits, pulling together others and in adjusting interfaces that I realised something; some of the code was wrong.

Well, I say some of the code was wrong; it was wrong for a given value of wrong.

The inital GPU only version was written to deform a plane based on Y = 0, which was all well and good however the CPU and CPU/GPU code both work on the idea that the object can be any shape. So, you can feed them a sphere or cylinder for example and the wave will deform around it.


It's not a huge problem, I think I'm going to need an extra pass (booo!) and adjust some of the calculations and buffers used so that instead of just generating a height map I generate full 3D coordinates for the locations.

So, not a huge problem, but a slight oversight on my part... kinda makes me wonder what else I've missed [oh]

In other news;

Guess I should start putting my various other plans into motion for post-degree stuffs...
That's by far the easy part - slowly get yourself into more and more debt (hint: buying a house makes this trivial, as do student loans), become a wage slave such that you have no spare time anymore, start to feel old and inferior...

Jack seems as happy as ever [grin]
I've infact worked out how much cash I owe in various directions, it currently stands at around GBP30K.. go me!

However, the post degree plans, while involving work aren't just work based. I've a number of side projects I will find time to do (vodka consumption allowing);
- I've got some plans to do some music based projects; however I currently dont' have room to setup my keyboard so that's on hold until I get my own place
- I've got a work of fiction I've been slowly working on based on a Vampire campaign I played years ago while at uni
- With the new OpenGL on the horizon I'm looking to get to grips with that quickly and see about taking on writing a book about it (this depends on work levels more than anything).

Throw in my normal technology fiddling, game playing and nights out drinking I predict busy times ahead [grin]

Anyways, code to adjust, documents to write; when it gets online expect the FYP write up to be in pdf as that'll be the format I'm going to be handing in to get printed [smile]
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Me, I'm always happy: !!

I had a similar situation with my FYP - right at the end I found a few special cases where things came crashing down like a house of cards... so I just learnt the valuable art of 'smoke and mirrors' and no one ever found out [grin]

£30k in debt is a good effort. I think I'm more around £15k.


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