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Man, today was fun. I spent the better part of it fixing bugs (some small, some obvious, some poking me in the eye and I didn't even notice.) Then I decided to work on weapons...bad idea.

First I wanted to make sure bullet animations would work. Of course, they didn't. After I got them working, I realized that bullet-coldet wasn't working right. I spent a good 2 or 3 hours just to realize that the size of the bullet wasn't being taken into consideration (well it was, but the size wasn't getting set right.)

Then I tried using two weapons. This brought out a design issue that I was aware of, but was hoping would still work. So I spent a couple hours fixing that.

BUT, now I have bullets that animate, multiple weapons, and a decent design. Next up is pickups. Once I'm done with those I'll upload a demo for you guys.
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