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3D Pipes in Direct3D 10 - Part 2

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I think I'm gonna like codeplex - I've been messing about with it since yesterday evening and it's been both powerful and pretty intuitive to use.

I've got the 'Team Explorer' plug-in for VSTS, so I can do a lot of work straight from the IDE [grin]

'3D Pipes' in Direct3D 10

Should all be visible now, so drop by and let me know what you think.
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Speaking of 3D pipes rendering, there's a very neat trick on DX10 hardware using geometry shaders. Upload a single vertex per pipe to the geometry shader (this vertex contains the parameters for the pipe, for example start point, end point and radius). In the geometry shader, generate a billboard quad or a bounding box. In the pixel shader, perform ray-casting with the pipe. And voila: you have the ability to render millions of pipes per second at high framerates and with perfect tesselation.

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That is a very cool trick - hadn't even considered that [oh]

I wasn't sure how far I could get with the GS due to the limits on outputs which basically means you can output ~30 triangles which really doesn't get you close to a proper cylinder [lol]


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I'd be very happy if I could do at least *some* GPU tesselation, it'd make my shoddy XNA spline library a hell of a lot more elegant. Still, no grudges here and I'm looking forward to see what you come up with [smile]

As for your previous entry on the licnesing issues, maybe the MS Permissive License is more up your alley. I'm no lawyer (thankfully [wink]), but it's what MS uses for the XNA tutorials and samples, so it might be a better fit.

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