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WTF 0o

Why was I not told about Final Fantasy Anniversary !.!

Apperntly they is making teh others oldones new again and with teh better graphics n stuff. And OMG tehy ist not stoping w. teh 7 lik u mabey ist teh thought but tey ist rekmaking up two nine . Why ? PS3 Only? OnmDg Is this to increase pS3 SDaels , Wys I thought Playstation fanboys wret teh ff fanbous too so teh plan wontg wrks :/. New Idea *Release tem on teh pC too Omfggfs teh bestest ideras evry. Give me all your golds now !


I registered www.melotribes.com the other day becuase its about 35% atm using powweb. FYI melotibes is another game Im working on - its a browser based game in the same elk as hobowars. Anyway I got it registered cause its cheap but I wont be updating the game till mid-summer holiday.

Fallen Smash Bash is comming along - I have started working on the editor and soon all sould be teh guds :D/

Bye Bye.

PS, if u r playingf teh wow andplay is on teh mealstorm ten be adding me as teh firentds , isnt my name Nym on thats servers - yes - ok - k - i was just teh asking - kk - !,! - Go away now - bye.

WOw Dragonforce is a cool epic metal band. peace out - - )0
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