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The test code is ready!

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Edit: ok... doesn't work for some reason (see the comment)... which is currently baffling me... I'll look into it and repimp later.. *grumbles*

So, after putting it off for a bit I finally rejigged the program so that it's now a full functional stand alone test program (well, 2 infact).

This is where your help would be appricated [smile]

While I can just run the tests on my machine (and indeed, will be), I'd like some more results to play with; both GPU and CPU wise.

So, if you are feeling kind and have a reasonable period of time spare on your machine where it is doing NOTHING else I'd appricate any results you could send me [smile]

The 'nothing' is important as I'd rather not have the CPU results skewed by another application being swapped in; this program does not yeild! It tries to take all the CPU time for it's self and given how intensive it is it's with good reason.

The test package can be downloaded here.
If you don't have VS05 installed and thus lack the DLL runtimes they can be downloaded from MS here.
As the project uses OpenMP I had to use the DLL runtime, no way around it [sad]

In the zip file you'll find two programs and the shaders;
The one marked 'full screen' is the one I would prefer you to run, however if it doesn't work (a problem I've had on Vista, it might not exist on XP however) then the other version, which runs in a window can be used instead.
Really make sure you have nothing important running when you run the fullscreen version. It let me alt+F4 and kill it when it locked for me on Vista but ya know.. better safe than sorry[smile]

One you run it it's a matter of sit back and wait, the program will create a number of text files with the results in.

Once it exits if you could email me the txt files as attachments and tell me the speed/type of your CPU and what version of windows you it on.

The details.txt file holds some basic information about the OpenGL driver used.

Also, if you could tell me what name you want to appear under in the 'thanks' section of final write up it would be handy as well [grin]

My email address is rob@phantom-web.co.uk and if you could give it the subject 'TLM Results' so that I can spot it and not delete as spam it would be appriated [smile]

GPUs I'm after :
- GF6
- GF7
- G80 based
- X800
- X1800
- X1950

Any problems drop me an email/comment/pm and I'll get back to you.
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Refuses to run for me and only gives a thoroughly uninformative message "This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect." [dead]

I have VS 2005 installed, but I installed the runtimes again anyway just to be safe and did a quick reboot, but still no joy.

Dependency Walker doesn't flag any missing dlls but it does give the error "Warning: At least one module has an unresolved import due to a missing export function in a delay-load dependent module." [sad]

Any ideas?

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I got that message when I was running an executable built against VS'05 Service Pack 1 and I only had the original VS'05 installed.

You probably need the updated SP1 runtimes.


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Not sure if its working properly...

Fullscreen mode shows me a blank dark-blue screen. Windowed mode shows a brief animation for the first (#40) demo and then the same blank dark blue screen.

It's been going for about 15 minutes now and the text files are on their third batch - the multi threaded ones.

Anyway, I'll leave it for a while long.


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