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Design Part 1

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I don't really have a lot of time to work on things these days, but I am making the most of the time I do have. At any rate, I've started to put a dent into the design for Wrath of the Scarecrow. A couple of hours and a few cups of coffee into it and I have some pretty good concepts and ideas to go off of.

I'm taking a lot of the initial ideas that I had for the systems and game mechanics of the design that I did for Conquest For Love ( although I was too inexperienced at the time to actually implement them) and moving them over to this game. Which is mainly an emergent narrative and gameplay, independently motivated npcs, and full object interaction. On top of that I'm actually developing a pretty decent main plot I think for the game to be shaped around, and a lot of additional game mechanics that are very cool. For example a health and stamina system that causes the player to choose how much time they spend keeping themselves healthy and in good standing. If they spend too much time doing so then they may miss an important event that happens at a specific location, but if they don't maintain their character well enough, then their character may become too fatigued to properly interpret information received from npcs, may not be able to perform functions like running if a situation calls for it, without falling, or if complete exhaustion occurs and they pass out, in an uninhabited place, and no ones around, they may die. They system includes a caloric intake system, similar to real life, accompanied with resting and such. It's designed to give the player a sense of urgency and stress.

The game itself is geared towards action adventure. It will retain an attempt to communicate with npcs through a text interface, including typing on the players end (I may end up ditching this, but I'd really like to keep it) and movement will be keyboard based and interaction with objects will be via a radial menu. (This is all stuff that I planned for the graphical version of C.F.L. but as time has progressed, I wanted to get away from such a trite bit of subject matter and came up with the plot idea for this game last summer.)

Also, the game will have some rpg elements, a battle system for example, but the main game play is going to be focused around the player acquiring knowledge of game lore as well as solving puzzles. There will be an economy system as well, but I'm going to shoot for not having a ton of micro management in that area.

Anyways, hopefully I'll have some more stuff soon to post including plot outlines and some sample programmer art.
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