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Setting up a LAMP

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Recently I have deemed it necessary to setup my own LAMP (linux, apache, mysql, and php) server for development. I've ordered a simple barebones computer with a gig of ram a fast Intel chip and a lot of hard drive space. The board has an AGP slot so I'll probably push my old nVidia 5200 in there... uhmm because every server needs sub par 3D graphics. I'll post a picture of it once it gets here.

The OS I'll be using is Ubuntu Server. I won't be using the default LAMP install option as I want to install and configure each element of LAMP myself. Did I mention that I've never done this before? Luckily I have a decent tutorial to follow:


The main reason for setting up my own server has everything to do with programming for updated php 5 and mysql. My current shared hosting still uses php 4 and an older sql server. I'll be doing some work on an updated VPS later this year and I'd like my code to run smooth from the start. Also this will give me some experience with operating the VPS.

The computer should arrive early next week. I've also ordered a Belkin KVM switch so I can share devices as well as audio.
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Interesting project - would like to hear how it works out for you!

I'm contemplating putting together a file server over the summer (don't need a web server) and I was toying with the idea of making it a *nix box. Not because I like *nix or think it'd offer me anything I can get from Win2k3 but just as an educational exercise...


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Not because I like *nix or think it'd offer me anything I can get from Win2k3 but just as an educational exercise...
I agree. I was thinking of running a windows server but in the end I figure I'll get more out of running it on linux. Plus having a linux box setup will allow me to work on my cross platform C++ skills...which I have very little of at the moment.

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