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The test code is ready! Take 2 :D

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edit: still broken on NV, now know why however, so fixing in progress.. stay tuned for updates

OK, so after the less than glorious start to the testing last night I have new and hopefully fixed code [grin]

This shouldn't crash at all; turns out the problem was in my GLSL support classes, swapping them from stack objects to heap objects which get new'd/delete'd has fixed the problems I was seeing (including the crash report I just got from Jack...).

As before the test program can be downloaded from here
If you don't have SP1 for VS05 installed then you'll need the redist from here (unlike the last link this is the correct redist, thanks to ViLiO and Jack for finding the problem and pointing it out to me respectively).

The fullscreen one is the prefered version this time, it should work with no trouble now that I've cleared up the shader bugs [smile]
(although my warning about saving work etc still stands from last time).

As before once you run it it's a matter of sitting back and waiting, the program will create a number of text files with the results in.

Once it exits if you could email me the txt files as attachments and tell me the speed/type of your CPU and what version of windows you ran it on.

The details.txt file holds some basic information about the OpenGL driver used.

Also, if you could tell me what name you want to appear under in the 'thanks' section of final write up it would be handy as well [grin]

My email address is rob@phantom-web.co.uk and if you could give it the subject 'TLM Results' so that I can spot it and not delete as spam it would be appriated [smile]

GPUs I'm after :
- GF6
- GF7
- G80 based
- X800
- X1800
- X1950

Right, hopefully this time we'll have no muckups [grin]
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