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Did somebody say 'screenshots'?

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Long time no posty.

I've been working with a couple people on an entry for Microsoft's Dream Build Play contest. First off, here are some screens:

Repairing/building ships:

Putting weapons on the ships:

Blowing eachother up:

At this point you may be asking yourself some questions. Like, "What the hell am I looking at?", "Why are these 'ships' made out of stupid looking cubes?", "Is that really supposed to be a weapon?", "What are those white domes?".

The best answer I can give you is: I can't get our god damned artist to make anything.

I've confronted him a few times, saying something along the lines of, "I need to know if you're actually going to complete the assets for this game on time. We have X months. I don't want to spend all my spare time on this thing and convince our teammates to do the same, if the game isn't going to be completed because our artist couldn't finish his work."

He replies with his usual, "I just couldn't find the time last [blah] to work on it. I had to go do [blah], [blah], and [blah]." And so on. Then I ask him whether or not, given his current circumstances, he can really finish the game, and he assures me that he'll have everything done.

Meanwhile, the other team members (really now only consisting of 1 other person) seem to be growing less motivated to work on the game.

Unless our artist suddenly starts pumping out models and textures tomorrow, I'm pretty sure this project will die. Two months is not a lot of time to finish up an asset-less game.

I just wanted to post some screens to announce that, whether or not this project dies, we had a project, and I actually made some progress on it [lol].

I'd also like to say, "Down with the artists! Procedural content ftw!". [lol]
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For what it's worth, even without final art it does look very pretty. I'd say post those screenies on the Help Wanted forums and bag yourself a new artist :-)

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I thought about searching for another artist, but all things considered, I'd rather try and convince our current artist to actively contribute (even if he doesn't deserve it :P). I've known him for a long time, he works at the same place I do, and he'd be very insulted if I found some one else. It's also easy to collaborate with some body you know and can interact with in-person.

But maybe that's my problem; I shouldn't have recruited a friend for the job. [lol]

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I have to admit, it does look very good even with the placeholder cubes. It has a certain unique style to it that looks cool [cool]

I hope your artist comes through for you though and best of luck with your entry [smile]

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Yea it looks nice, are you making use of HDR lighting? Looks cool already tho.

lol procedural content is nice...one other alternative is to build up your art skills :-D That would be my recommendation. It might take a few years but you'll be able to do whatever you want.

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Thank you for the kind words.

Original post by dgreen02
lol procedural content is nice...one other alternative is to build up your art skills :-D That would be my recommendation. It might take a few years but you'll be able to do whatever you want.

I actually grew up wanting to be an artist. I was pretty good for my age. I'm disappointed in myself for abandoning that talent.

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I've been through a similar situation with the project that I was last working on, except in this situation it was with the lead designer and not the artist. Before the project started we had a general design doc to go off of, but no information on game logic (which is pretty prevalent for a puzzle game), our deadline for just a demo was june, but the designer seemed to loose passion and I waited two months for him to get a finished doc to me, and he never did. Same stuff your going through, "Oh, I'll have it to you at the end of the week, blah, blah" and guess what, I never saw anything. My advice would be to either find someone else or adjust the graphical content to something that you can do yourself and like the aesthetics. Luckily, we weren't too far into production, even though the art resources were complete, but if something like art assets were holding up my project, I'd start throwing koosh balls at people's heads. Also, don't let hurting someones feelings get in the way of achieving your goals man. It looks like you have a potentially great game, and it'd be a shame to see you not achieve your best simply because you couldn't let someone know that your done waiting for them. It becomes obvious if someone is serious about something over time. Maybe there are situations where somebody is passionate about doing something and things get in the way, that's understandable, but if the guys just watching tv when he goes home instead of working on the art resources, I'd cut him, even if he was my mother (which would be kinda strange to have a dude for a mom). Anyways long rant aside, the project looks cool, I hope you guys finish it.

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Thanks for sharing your story. You're right; I'm way too soft.

I haven't really given up on the game (it has no real deadline anyway). I've only given up on getting the game done for the contest.

Over the past few days I've come to the conclusion that if my artist doesn't exhibit any desire to win the contest, then pushing him won't create any; he should be putting pressure on himself, given the dead line and the possible rewards.

I let him know that I've given up on making the contest deadline because I had received no game assets from him, and he more-or-less shrugged it off. [sad]

As such, I don't think I'll ever expect anything from him, and I don't think I'll ever ask him to do any game-related work for me. If he comes to me with a project or request to join a project of my own, I might work with him, but I won't actively seek his help anymore.

Anyway [rolleyes]

I'd really like this project to see the light of day. Maybe I'll actually put together a post in the Help Wanted forums and see what kind of responses I get.

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