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TLM Tests Take 3...

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So, after a many a bad start we hit what will be the last version of this code [smile] Mostly because it this doesn't work then I'm out of ideas [grin]

Download as before.
VS05 SP1 redist here

The shaders basically needed updating as they weren't requesting a GLSL extension which was tripping up NV's drivers. ATI's XP driver just lets it work and issues a warning when you request the extension, however it still works it seems.

Known issues:
- Vista and ATI won't run the GPU tests; no PBO support in the current drivers
- Vista and NV doesn't show anything in fullscreen mode; windowed works fine it seems
- If you run in windowed mode on ATI you'll see warnings; don't worry about them
- Despite installing the redist some people can't get the program to run still... god knows why, if it doesn't work for you then thanks for trying and don't worry about it [smile]

The full tests takes somewhere in the region of 1h 30mins to run, depending on CPU and GPU power.
The GPU only versions only run the GPU tests and take somewhere in the region of 25mins to run, depending on GPU power. The first few GPU tests should wizz past, it's not until you get to 512 and 1024 that things start to drag along.

Once more, thanks for any help, hopefully this'll all work now [smile]

See earlier entries for other details and address to send the results to [smile]
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all 4 programs give the message, gf7600 + xp

'this application failed to start cause the app config is not correct'

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"This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstaling this application may fix this problem"

This is true for all 4 exe

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The GPU only ones are DOA on Vista. The Windowed one seems to jump straight to fullscreen and pops up a 'this application has stopped working' dialog where I can close or debug it. The fullscreen one opens a window and command line (no errors/warnings this time) and then pops up the same 'this application has stopped working' dialog. [sad]

Might get time to try it on XP later, but looks like I've got a busy day...


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