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Maybe not

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So I got sidetracked getting other parts of the game working, like making the save dialog work as intended and making the enemies compatible. All that's left is loading, and I now have a good concept of how I will get that working.

I haven't been able to get boost working, so I decided to go with plan B on the map loading. It's a less elegant solution that I have in mind, but it will get the job done.
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What was the problem you had with Boost? I've only recently compiled it in and started exploring what it can do, so I'm interested in where you got stuck. My main problem at the moment is deciphering the documentation to figure out exactly what all those data structures can do.

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To be honest, I haven't found a single person that could get the streaming part (can't think of the name atm) to work. I tried when I was working on Malathedra and I don't plan on trying again lol.

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To be honest, I couldn't figure out how to compile the libraries with Boost.Jam. I actually was able to compile the filesystem library, but the LIB file it produced was, apparently, not the right one. It doesn't seem much worth it, considering I don't think I'll need to do the map loading.

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