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Reason number 1382 why I rule

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Oooh, I won the "Convince Me To Buy Your Game" contest.

Mind you, it was quite a field. Actually it looks like I almost won by default given that a minority of the entries were even for sale. But still it's a lofty prize.

But it appears that my offer of a pony put me over the top. Nothing like a pony to give you that sales edge. My only fear is that my astounding sales skills will overshadow my astounding game development skills. And when sales overshadows development, you run the risk of morphing from a harmless geek into a complete crank.

That being said. Here's today's How To Drop Out Of The Games Business And Make Big Honkin Profits By Selling Self-Branded Fairy Dust To Gullible People By Convincing Them They Are Smart People Tip For The Day

Tip Number 1: You can't go wrong with a pony.

Tune in tomorrow to find out how homeopathic polyphasic phrenologic meditation can give you improved erections and a wallet full of cash!
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Yeah, you got covered on Joystiq when they were covering the contest. Go figure.

Personally, the kind of people who would play my game don't want me to kidnap ponies for them, so I'm considering an alternative advertisement strategy.

Obviously this will work, since all of Acclaim's advertising strategies were big wins!

On second thought, perhaps I should just hire you to handle my sales woo for me.

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Total Manifested = $5,267,590.45

OMFG I just joined (not really) and I'm sure if I just keep pushing, I'll lay my golden egg really soon.

Send me 15 dollars and I'll show you how.

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