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I hate write ups.

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There is something to be said about not starting a write up for a 15,000 word document just over a week before it has to be done, mostly "don't, start it earlier" would probably cover it [grin]

That said, I only work well under pressure so meh.

Anyways, it's now 3:45am Wednesday and I'm a bit behind where I wanted to be, which was mostly finished.


I wrote 4,000 words sunday night/monday morning, which was a bit less than I wanted to but it was progress.

I then did the logical thing; played Civ4 all monday afternoon and then went out monday night and got very drunk and fired my brain on caffine.

This has led to my brain being mush most of today, which on balance I didn't care too much about, mostly because it was busy trying to figure out a dream I had last night.

After much procrastination I've finally sat down and started to work on this again; I started around 1am and my word count is now at 6,500... so I'm not far off being half way done word count wise.

I've discovered the best way for me to write large documents appears to be for me to write sections of it in notepad and then just compile it as I go into Word and induce some formatting into it. I seem to be making much better progress now that I've done that.

I've probably got another hour and a half or writing in me, I should be able to hit 8,000 words in that time, mostly because I'm not far off the section which is basically describing how I put it all together for each class; it won't long to write it'll just take a fair few words.

Once that's done the last major section is the results, for which I need to infact compile the results together and draw some conclusions from it all (some blokes law about adding cores to jobs doesn't always make job faster will be need to be quoted here).

Then I need to critially evaluate it and the writing is done.

After that I effectively need to make sure it reads sane, it all nicely put together (shove in diagrams, data etc) and get it printed as a pdf to be printed at the college.

The badness is that I don't have all of wednesday and thursday to work on this.

When I get up later today I'll have a few hours to work on it before I have to go to college for a 6pm lecture; once that is done it's back home for a few more hours before an early night and up at 7:30am for a 9am lecture and the last college breakfast ever [sad]. Due to the early night I then come home and sleep for a bit to ensure I can last out the night.

Now, the plan at the start of the weekend was to have it ready for printing thursday, however it doesn't look like I'm going to make that, so hopefully I'll be able to get it done for friday printing instead.

The final hand in time is 12pm Monday 14th May 2007.
In _theory_ I might be able to get it printed on the monday if I get in early enuff... I'd rather not leave it that late (although it would leave me the weekend to finish off things).

I'll talk to a guy at the copy shop on thursday, see if the monday plan will work.

Anyways, why the hell am I here doing this when I should be working?!?!
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