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On summer classes, and others

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Work is still moving along. We've got product review in a few weeks, but me being the intern and all I'm not yet working on anything terribly interesting. Just bug fixes and adding features to the Unreal Editor. I finished a new feature today (well, finished baring code review), so I had some of the artists and designers do an implementation review. It's pretty awesome seeing how much they liked/wanted the feature, so that felt good. Yay me!

In other news, summer classes started this week. I'm taking two: Computer Networks II, and a class on C# and XNA. C# is Thursday, today was networking. I know its still the first day, but that class is going to be awesome. It's taught by a member of the Microsoft XDC (formerly GTG, formerly formerly ATG), which is pretty cool, and he's definitely one of the smartest guys I've ever met. The class is pretty project based. By the end of the semester we have to have a fully implemented networking engine that will be graded "on a professional level". I already pretty much have a reliable UDP layer done, but it's going to be tons of fun building serialization and messaging layers on top of it.

I've been looking over this thread and hplus's advice on serialization to get some ideas, but some of that template trickery goes right over my head. I guess I just need to spend more than 5 minutes reading it, or something.

Random thought of the day: I wonder if I can get onto TCE as an intern in the industry? I guess I could just try it, but can anyone give me a definitive yes/no?
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Yeah, all it takes is an email from an industry email address, usually. Doesn't matter if you only have that address for a temporary period. (Don't well all?)

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