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Write ups and such...

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In the end I made it to 7,500~ words, which isn't bad, I still need to go back and flesh some bits out and generally make it a bit saner.

The problem is; how do you explain GPGPU programming to someone who has no graphics coding experiance? As that's what I'm faced with to some degree and I could write 1000s of words on that subject alone. In the end I think I'm going to explain the concepts but leave much of what happens API wise as a black box; so I refer to textures for source data and output buffers and vertex buffers and that the processing is done in the pixel processing section of the graphics card but generally skimp on the details about orthographic projections, pixel aligned texture access and the like which just becomes a nightmare to explain if you are doing it from nothing (which is the basic assumption I'm having to make).

Still, it's all wandering along nicely, I'll probably put another hours work in later, going to play some Civ4 to keep my brain ticking over before I start.
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I had to explain the concept of GPU based graphics in my FYP... I just went with the angle of "dedicated hardware" and threw in a few buzzphrases for good measure - "massively parallel pipelined architecture" or somesuch [lol]

You'd have to assume that people reading/marking your write-up will be proficient enough in the concepts of general computing, so you can skip a fair bit of fluff...


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