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I hope I don't mess this up!

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Long time no see.

Well, I've been pretty much defunct from the GameDev scene as the result of College and that dreaded place known as Reality. But summer is coming up, and hopefully I will have some more time to devout to GameDev. During my free time I have been working on an idea for a game that I am pretty excited about, but I want to flesh out the idea more before I set it loose on the internet.

What I am most excited about is tomorrow I have a programing test for a summer internship at a Game Developer. I'm really excited about it, because I honestly didn't think I would get past them reading my resume, but here I am. I'm also pretty nervous about it because, well, I honestly don't want to mess this up! I'm pretty confident that if I actually get there to interview, I can get the job, because I like to think I am sociable person that is easy to get along with. So, wish me luck, and if any of you wise guru's out there have any tips for me, it would greatly be appreciated.
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Good luck! Just stay calm and take your time doing the test.

It would be interesting to hear what the test actually consisted of once you have done it. They vary from place to place.

E.g. one company I worked for would give the programmers 20 questions and tell them to find as many problems as possible. Another company would just ask for sample code and hit you with a load of programming questions at the interview to be answered verbally.

You will be fine, even if it goes badly (it probably hasn't) and the experience counts.


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Thanks for the reply!
Luckily I am a pretty good test taker. I'm just happy to have made it this far, and regardless of the outcome, I still consider it quite the confidence booster that I made it to this point.

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