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Gotta do fixes

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Okay, I officially have minor bugs in all of my products, so I'm going to roll out a big minor update release of everything.

Bulldozer - Level 143 is broken and cannot be solved.
Duck Tiles - The instruction text on one tutorial level has a typo.
The Daily Puzzle Pack - The database has problems after you play 100 times.

So I'm working on fixing, recompiling, re-install-building, and re-deploying all of the games into a minor releasegasm, hopefully to occur next week.

I still have one minor bug that's waiting on a fix from the runtime guys, and that's that running the games under Vista has inordinately long load-times unless you run the games as administrator. Thankfully the whole "lock down your computer" thing isn't going to catch on until about a thousand app vendors before me also fix their problems that are requiring THEM to run everything as administrator, so I have a little breathing room here. Which is to say I haven't yet had a customer who didn't have administrator mode unavailable to him. I presume that's going to be happening in secure locations first (offices, libraries, etc), and those places frown on installing third party games anyway.

Anyway, after that it's Daily Puzzle Number 12, and then the next six standalone daily puzzles.

On a completely different note. Why does our government spend so much time on worthless crap like enforcing the copyrights on 16-digit numbers and arresting paintball teams as terrorists when they could be doing something useful, namely getting rid of TV commercials that stopped being funny long ago.

The following TV commercials are now outlawed by The Department of Stop Repeating The Same Friggin' Joke Over And Over. . .

The Geico lizard

The Affleck duck

The angry caveman (also Geico I think)

"I'm a Mac, I'm a PC"

Really. If CIA assassins can terminate Clara "Where's The Beef" Peller and Bartles & Jaymes, why can't they take out a cartoon lizard?
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