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Gamedev on the Go!

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Mobile Gamedev

For some reason I still can't seem to make myself sit down on a worknight and work on a game -- the motivation just never comes. Realizing that this was just plain Not Good(tm), I decided to try taking my laptop with me today to work. Since I already have a fairly lengthy/boring train ride to work and back (one hour each way), I figured this might be a nice time to fit in some game development. Simply put, it worked!

For whatever reason, I'm incredibly motivated to work on my game in the mornings and afternoons, but as soon as I get home it's gone (sans weekends). This isn't as nice as being able to use my evenings to code, but even a solid two hours of game development a day during the week is nothing to complain about. [grin]


Although it's certainly pending a more interesting name, 'BaseCamp' is the name of the pseudo-library that I'm developing for usage as a base for my future games. Reinventing the wheel no longer amuses me, so the intention is to build up a solid and simple (2D) game framework using SDL/OpenGL. It's going to probably take another week or two before it's ready to go, but it will save me loads of hours in the long haul when I use it to create future games.

I don't have any grandiose ambitions for BaseCamp. It won't be anything large-scale like ClanLib or Ravuya's Propane Injector. The emphasis will be on strength and great simplicity. I have no real plans for creating documentation/examples/tutorials, so I doubt it will ever reach the realm of public consumption.

Hitting HTML

I have never had my own website. Ever. I've always really wanted a nice website to display my programming/gamedev portfolio, and other personal whatnots. So my (other) goal over this summer is to brush up on my HTML/CSS and see what I can put together. I've not much experience, so I don't expect anything too too attractive, but hopefully the locals around here will be able to offer constructive tips when I get something up and running. [smile]
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Recommended Comments

Propane Injector started out the same way your game library is starting out. [grin]

Large-scale? Eek. I was just making plans today to cut the son of a bitch down to improve performance, since my experiments with Amaranth show that a clean "smart" API isn't really hurting performance any.

Also, BaseCamp is a name that's been taken already -- might want to do what I do to come up with names, which is apparently to flip through car parts websites and listen to Of Montreal.

Finally, make sure you back up your laptop repeatedly -- I also carry my work with me on my laptop and have had way too many near-catastrophes to feel safe not backing up nightly.

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Only just caught up with your metaballs demo. That was wicked. I'd love to see a re-release of Membrane with that effect implemented for the cells.

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Train rides, plane rides, and the like are great for working on things (just wish I had more space on my bus!) I think it has something to do with your limit of options: Sleep or program ;)

Glad to hear you plan to pick up HTML and CSS! If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to call me (about to finish my Web Design class, in fact :D )

May the code flow forth from thine hands!

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