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Sky lighting & shading

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Today i read again, after many months, about the theory of Rayleigh and Mie scattering, to properly shade my sky.

I did a first implementation following ATI's white paper around a year ago. The results ended up looking pretty good, as you can see on my old engine's page. I had troubles (and so do many people, it seems, from what i saw on some forums) to get a nice daylight blue sky. So i reviewed my old code and compared with the formulas found on white papers on the net.

I am completely amazed.

I didn't implement a single formula correctly.

The exponent exp(x) in the extinction term has been replaced "magically" by a pow(2, x). The units are not correct. The extinction term is modulated by the sun color, while it should actually be in the in-scattering term. Even the angle functions are not correct: a 1 + g^2 - 2.g.cos(thetha) had mysteriously been transformed into a 2.g.cos(thetha) + 1 + g.

I will try to reimplement everything correctly this week.
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