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FYP Printing....

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... hasn't happened.

Nor will it happen tomorrow; Didn't manage to get any typing done last night as I was so tired it was insane when I got back from college that I sat around for a bit trying to get my brain to work, ate a sandwich and crashed out at midnight, which wasn't too bad as I had to be up at 7:30am today for a 9am college start.

So, I've now resigned myself to not getting this finished before 4pm friday, so the weekend will be a case of finishing things up before getting to college at 8:30am to print it (apprently it'll take about 15mins to print 3 copies of a 60 page document and bind it, which is nice) and hand it in before midday.

I should really expand on the GPGPU thing, but talk about it in vauge terms; buffers, each pixel = array element, that kinda thing.

The problem is, while we can assume that who ever is reading it has at least completed the 2nd year of a degree the one thing they don't cover in my degree is GPU hardware at all; 3D maths is covered in the second year to a quick primer on the hardware and some of the maths will do, but the concept of using the GPU to process elements of an array is one of those things which we who know about how GPUs work take for granted ("oh, you just bind your source textures, set the filtering to nearest and draw a quad which is the same size in screen pixels as the data you want to process and push it all out to a texture or some other kind of render buffer") but to someone who doesn't know how these things work it's a bit 'wha?' with the details.

I'm sure I'll come up with something, I've a few days now (going out to get drunk Friday night not withstanding [grin]).
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