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Some changes

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Once again I've made some changes to the daily puzzles that you'll never see but might have far-reaching effects. We'll see.

All Games
Everything's now compiled with Flash CS3. That was really straightforward and transparent except that I had to reinstall Remoting (how I talk to the server). They're still compiled for the Flash 7 player, so if you're using an old player it should still work.

Pop Pies
I finally fixed the long-standing bug where you wouldn't get a column bonus if you cleared the leftmost column.

I also addressed the problem of column bonus text covering each other up. One thing I never much liked was that clearing two adjacent columns would bring up bonus-text so close to each other that it looked all yucky. The proper solution would be to add the bonuses together and display just one piece of text.

. . .Of course, I never use a proper solution when a lazier solution is available. So I added a little random factor to the"pop up" tween, so the numbers rise at different speeds and usually don't cover each other up.

Dang, I am a lazy lazy man :)

The rest of the changes were made only to BaffleBees, as I wanted to first make sure everything worked before back-fitting it to the rest of the games. So if you'd give it a play and let me know if it looks and feels the same as before, I'd appreciate.

The changes. . .

-- All protections from the SWF have been removed. My games no longer pitch a fit if the containing page is something other than thecodezone.com.

-- The SWF files are being served from Mochiads.com. They now have a deal where they'll help you with bandwidth by serving your SWF files, so I figured what the heck.

So if you wanna slap BaffleBees on your web page, you can simply embed the following URL into your HTML.


(I'll probably have one of those dopey "paste this HTML into your website/blog to let your friends play" eventually. I wanted to make sure there weren't any roadblocks first)

Speaking of which, I recommend you use SWFObject if you're gonna embed Flash in your page. It's simpler than the old Object/Embed bit, it fixes the IE7 activation issue, and you can even silently upgrade a user's Flash player without making changes to your SWF. It's very cool.

Note that copying bafflebees.swf to your web-space won't work, because the SWF will refuse to communicate with thecodezone.com unless I grant permission to your URL, and my games still must communicate with thecodezone.com for stuff like logins and getting the puzzle number-of-the-day. Of course, there's not much reason to put it on your site anyway if mochiads is willing to foot the bandwidth bill.

Anyway, give it a try. Play the game, slap it in your webpage, and lemme know if it's all working. If it is, I'll fix all the other games and then start submitting 'em to all of those "ten zillion Flash games" portals :)
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Original post by John Hattan, 5/7/07
Tune in tomorrow to find out how homeopathic polyphasic phrenologic meditation can give you improved erections and a wallet full of cash!

Dude, I'm still waiting. What the hell? [wink]

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I played it before I came here and I didn't notice that anything had changed.

Good luck with the "Ten Bazillion Flash Games 4 FREE!!!!" portals.

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