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Ok, I was up all night figuring things out. I figured out a few things, but not everything I wanted to.

[x] Story is back out. There are a few reasons for this; mainly it would muddy up how I want the game to be and because I can't come up with a decent storyline that starts and ends how I want it to.

[x] I'm at the point in the game that I hate: AI and pathfinding. Not because I don't like either, but because I don't have much experience with them. I had some decent A* pathfinding a while ago, but I don't think I have the code for it and I don't really remember any of it. I'm going to look back in my journal to see if I can find anything useful.

[x] I'm not set up for audio and I need to do this. Again, haven't had my practice with this. I've kind of been ignoring it because it'll require me to either make or contract more resources, but making the game without audio would suck.

[x] I need to polish the game up some. ATM the game looks really noobish IMHO and I think I should be able to do better (especially with 6 years of experience.)

[x] I need to add some different game modes to the project. I've already decided that I need a time trial mode for each level and then I'm going to add a survival mode.

[x] I'm going to redesign the engine a tiny bit so that I can easily incorporate extra content. I need to redesign the engine to load a data module so that I can store the information for one part in a separate module. This way I can add expansion packs and such easily.

[x] The original experimental potions are back in. I really want these to be in because I think it'll add a lot to the game.

[x] I'm adding mouse-based control system to the game. I'm still going to update KeyMapInput to take mouse input, but I'm adding some special code to this project. On the settings dialog you'll be able to check mouse-based input and then the character will look towards the mouse cursor and fire in that direction. It'll take a lot of modification, but it'll be less hacking than fixing the strafing problem that's in place now and it seems like a better control scheme to me. You'll still be able to use all key-based controls though.

So, I'm going to go work on that now. I plan on saving AI and pathfinding for last because I want to spend a good amount of time on them.

Instead of posting a new entry tonight, when I finish something I'll just update this one.

6:49pm : GUI modification
Major overhaul on my GUI system. A couple weeks ago I added the ability for each control to use a different font, but I left the rest of the code using the old system. So, I removed the old system code and also made it so each control uses the same Renderer instance (before each one was creating it's own.)

I also modified it so that each control can say whether or not to use a texture and whether or not to show it's text (my Bar is a good example. If you want your health bar to show some text you can, but it doesn't look very good on my current HUD so I disable it.)

Speaking of the Bar class's text, I added a ValueFormatting string to it, so now you can display it's text in any fashion. The default string is "%i/%i", but you could do something like "%i of %i left" or whatnot.

I also redesigned some of the GUI's skin components to match what I originally wanted. Looks better IMO.

I'm working on the password system right now; had forgotten all about it. I'm almost done with it though.

10:31pm : Little Break
So, I took a little break after posting the above to run to Wal-Mart. A little while ago I had dyed my hair blue and that had faded away and I was left with the bleached hair. Normally I would have cut it, but I've been wanting to grow it out again. So, instead:

I decided to dye it black XD. I think it looks awesome (I don't take good pics, but whatever.)

Anyway, back to work.
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Damn man, looks like you got a lot done this week. No pic of the updated gui though :(. Oh well, next time maybe. Oh and that stick guy kind of looks a bit phallic if you know what I mean. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw your avatar had changed.

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Original post by DecipherOne
Damn man, looks like you got a lot done this week. No pic of the updated gui though :(. Oh well, next time maybe. Oh and that stick guy kind of looks a bit phallic if you know what I mean. That was the first thing I thought of when I saw your avatar had changed.

Thanks, I've been doing my best to stay focused and get things done. I'll get a screenie of the updated GUI as soon as I'm finished (probably come the end of the night. If not, definitely tomorrow.)

Lol, I hadn't noticed that, but it kind of does. Oh well XD lol.

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