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I have been working this weekend but I have the next 3 days off and will be mainly working on my implementations of my stringnode class. I was planning on using the irrlicht graphics engine to help with my hangman demo. I came across a engine called Ogre, and I read what was posted on this site and it looks as if it might actually be better then irrlich. I dont know how easy it is to implement though (have yet to look at the wikki and tutorials). I would like to hear from some people though ... Is it better or easier. What are some pros and cons. either way, I plan on making a full functional engine on my own. I am ussing either irrlicht or ogre just for freeware and demos (mainly to help speed up development).

There is another thing I was wondering. I was thinking about making a photoshop like application (a top secret project actually). It would manipulate images stored in either png or bmp (or a format with capabilities of at least 1 alpha channel). I was wanting to not only read the image pixel by pixel (red, green, blue, alpha channels), but also write pixel by pixel. Any one have any ideas or experience with doing such things?

Other then that life is good. I think things are actually going to be working just fine. Hope to have a reatail game either at the end of this year or the beginning of next year. I will hear from you guys latter.

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