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Evil Steve


Pointless update time.

I've not done that much coding recently, I've been working my ass off at work, and it kinda removes the desire to code. I'll hopefully start getting more stuff done when things get more interesting.
Currently, users can log in and register, and that's it. I need a few C++ functions to handle rooms, since I don't really want to loop over all connected users in Lua to send messages to one room. That should only take a day or so. I'm going to need a room manager in C++ too, so I can lookup a room, and put objects, users, etc in it.
I'm not heading back to Edinburgh this weekend (Hooray! A weekend off!), so I should get something reasonably substantial done this weekend. In theory...

EDIT: Buy this month's Official Nintendo Magazine (I assume it's only in the UK). It's got a 2 page spread on the game we're making (Race Driver: Create and Race). I'll try and get a copy of it and scan the pages in.
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Congrats on getting your game in print - haven't commented in your journal recently, but been following your progress [smile]


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What? No comment about CodeLyoko? You worked hard on that game (at least while it was still in Glasgow) - and it's coming out in 2 weeks!

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Original post by aking
What? No comment about CodeLyoko? You worked hard on that game (at least while it was still in Glasgow) - and it's coming out in 2 weeks!
Ah, Adam, I wondered if you were going to turn up in my journal [smile]

Us Firebrand folk have given up on Code Lyoko unfortunately. It's gone past Nintendo submission, so we're not getting credited. Mark said that he asked for us to be credited, but there's nothing he can do now - which is fair enough I suppose. I wonder how much of this I'm actually allowed to say...

I think you did quite a bit more than anyone else on the team at the time; the E3 demo was mostly 2D stuff; stuff which I remember you pulling all nighters for.. I was on the design team, doing Lua scripting while you were getting the 2D game going. I certainly remember the time you spent getting it perfected. Still, We'll see how the final version turns out - Which reminds me, I still need to buy a DS. With Code Lyoko :P

I have a 2-page spread from the official Nintendo Magazine which I'll be happy to share if you PM me or E-mail me (steve.macpherson 'at' gmail.com). I need to buy the magazine myself so I can go "Ooh, aah, thst's nice" to it. I'm not going to splat it out on my journal for "Random Nintendo Reasons". Meaning I'd probably be in breach of some publishing thingy.

Yes, anyway. Me. Quiet. What I said before.

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