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The curse of a wannabe game programmer

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Its been a long time from I've written any journal entry. In fact its been a long time from I've done any coding outside of my job as an embedded software engineer. The main reason for this is that ever since I started down the path of game programming, or trying to get started into unreal script to be more precise, me and my family have suffered continuous illness. This of course has set me back months, as its only now that everyone is getting back to some sort of normality with regards to health.

I know its just a coincidence, but its amazing just how much time can be taken up doing other necessary things, leaving absolutely no time at all for the those things that I love. So what you cry, we don't care, but I'm just ranting, part of my therapy I guess ;)

Anyway, I've let down a few people, as I've not been on the net for quite a while, Brandon Kidd, the guys at Bohica who are still awaiting a reply (or maybe not now), I apologize to them as family matters really have taken my attention away from pursuing or continuing projects. Now that things are starting to get back to normal I'm sure I will be able to find some time to communicate with you and put some effort into the projects.

Anyway, just a word of warning if you're going to start into game programming, of any sort, just don't say it too loud in case the curse of the anti-games-programming gods fall upon ye!

Well that's all I had to say, nothing new, nothing interesting, just self self self. Its nice to have some time back though.
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