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And the Goodness Continues

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Well I just found out that there is a very very likely possibility that I will be the lead for a .NET project within the next several weeks. Currently, I am the team leader for a J2EE Engineering support team so going back to .NET is awesome news.

The only caveat is that they want me to maintain my team lead status on both initiatives (ouch). Anyway, I'm really excited about this because I've started refreshing my C#/C++ several months back so it's all going to be worth while. Honestly, I look for motivation in any and all situations.

On other fronts, I found myself laughing the other day because I remember when I used to actually hate DirectX. After going through a lot of DX9 material there can only be a couple of possibilities for why I'm in love with it now and hated it so long ago.

Maybe I was just too much of a noob or I was teetering to much between DX and OGL or (insert another excuse here). Regardless of the why, the fact remains that DX9 has truly grown on me in a good way.

I'm saying all this to say that I can feel myself slowly coming back into a mindset I had a few years ago...this is a good thing. The more intrigued I become with DX9, the more inclined I will be to produce the artwork that shows off my labor.

Right, now I have no complaints :)
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