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Beyond the front door

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Stephen R


I'm so ashamed. I didn't get to post yesterday. I went to the cinema with a few friends. Saw The Terminal, not great. I got back after midnight so there was no point in posting. Thismorning I went up into the hills for a bit of fishing with friends. I was severely molested by more flies then I have ever seen in my life. And we were stranded there because we a had to wait for someone to return to pick us up. We, quite obviously, didn't get any fishing done. Once I got back it was off to the cinema bacause of my brothers birthday a few days ago. Saw Hellboy - brilliant film. Anyway to sum up, I didn't get anything done this weekend except for fixing my stupid rendering problems on friday night after I posted - stupid mistakes involving depth buffers and backface culling.

That is all.
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