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D3D10 and XP. Again.

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Given I have little else to post at the moment, check out this thread over on B3D: DirectX 10 = DirectX 9 for Vista. Not that if offers anything new, but yet another "why won't evil M$ give us D3D10 on XP" thread. I usually don't struggle to explain technical concepts to non-technical people, but this one gets me - it seems like a complete non-issue to me yet no one else seems to get it... [rolleyes]

Oh, and check out step #24 in the following directions: new york, new york to London, england [lol]
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What's so bad about swimming across the atlantic ocean? I swim it everyday after my morning tea with sasquatch.

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Original post by Smit
I was expecting that, what's with the side trip through France though?

My guess is that Google doesn't want people to swim in cold waters and the ocean streams are warmer close to France than they are close to UK [rolleyes]. See for yourself on the picture (with what I remember from high school geography I think it's called the gulf stream):



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[lol] Brilliant - I always knew google was smart, but wow!

But really, to avoid the cold water we should really swim to/from Portugal rather than France...


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