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Again time slips past me....

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Been a few weeks now since I last posted, and good reason. I am a Pack Mule, A.K.A. Beast of Burden in most people's eyes I guess. I been working O.T. at work, my dad needs help with his business, and then my GF wants attention, and a friend of mine has had numerous issues with his P.O.S PC and so we built him one, so coding gets almost impossible to do. [flaming]

Well I have managed to do some coding, and got the user input done. The menu now accepts user inputs for actions in the game and saves them. And I have the event logic setup to take the action inputs and do something with them. Granted they are just empty functions for now, but the framework is there. So now I am going to load up my map files and display the terrain and 3D gfx now, based on what the user selects for a map to play. Progress at last.

Game pad works also which is nice. I have locked the user inputs down with the gamepad. Just doesn't make much sense to change the buttons on the gamepad when you only have 3 actions so far to map...

I am hoping to have this game playable by summers end.

BTW what do you all think of Bullet the physics lib?

See ya
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