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One task down, many more to go

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I've got my kernel a.k.a. game loop running. Most of time on this was writing a templated singleton class that I liked; the actual kernel itself is tiny due to the use of signals. It's just a while loop that keeps sending out signals until a quit flag is set or there isn't anything left that it is connected to.

I'm now looking at a lot of the rest of the things on my programming list, as I'm feeling these need to be planned in tandem. I've got a very basic skeleton of the SDL administration module going; it translates SDL events into my own set of signals. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be responding to my simple tests; key down messages don't seem to be getting through. I might have forgotten to initialise something key in there.

I'm also working on the file management system. I've decided it's time to try integrating PhysicsFS with a game system, however I'm having a lot of trouble getting the latest version to work. CMake doesn't seem to like my configuration and keeps spewing out error messages when I attempt to build a dynamic library like is recommended in the documentation. I'm now trying to statically link it in, but there's a whole bunch of weird linker errors I haven't diagnosed yet. After a couple of hours of head scratching I think I might roll back to an earlier version and see if I can get that working.
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